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The transfer of a privately held company is a unique event in the life of the business and the business owner that can produce widely varying results depending on how the process is handled. Unlike most other sales transactions, the value of what is being sold (the business) is not easily determined. The scorecards (financial statements or tax returns) most businesses keep are prepared on a tax basis where tangible asset values are written off as fast as possible, intangible asset values are not even reflected, and the goal is to minimize income and reduce taxes.

Further complicating the process is the fact that most business owners do not want anyone to know that the business is for sale. This is for good reason since disclosure could be devastating and scare off employees, customers, vendors, lenders and others. But it is also obvious that if you only have one buyer for a product with no competition or sense of urgency, than you have no leverage and are not going to get the best price for the product. Waiting for that one right buyer to come along is a recipe for under-selling your business.

Strategic Endeavors LLC is a professional, ethical, trustworthy, and experienced Lancaster, PA based firm that practices full-time in the mergers and acquisitions arena. Working directly for business owners and together with their other advisors, we can solve the above problems and many more associated with the selling process and help you, the business owner, to realize the maximum value for the enterprise you have worked so hard to create.

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We provide professional business intermediary services to CLIENTS ranging from small main street businesses to large middle-market companies.



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